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My goal as a writer is to provide you with a perspective that makes people feel.

Mental, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical wellness are just a few pillars that strongly influence us, and how we take care of these areas plays a huge role in our health and happiness.

Living in the social media age exposes us to an abundance of information that should always be taken with a grain of salt.

Being able to discern your truth from "their" truth is essential to maintaining a harmonious existence. Self-analysis is important for growth and to remain rooted in your identity as society continues to try and force us to fit their definitions. 

My writing seeks to shatter those imposed ceilings as I give you a peek into my quest.

Life is so much more complex than the box they try to fit us all into. Let's not only think outside of the box but be as undefined as the ocean's limits in our outlook on life. This journey we are on is meant to be explored, phases should come with reflection and challenges with introspection.

I implore you to give my blog a read and allow it to make you FEEL as you gain insight from a Black woman on a road less traveled. 

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